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Our homemade cheesecake

Original Gersau cheesecake
Cheesecake with bacon
Cheesecake with salami
Cheesecake with tomatoes
Cheesecake with onions
Cheesecake with Garlic
Cheesecake with special
16.50 Fr.
19.50 Fr.
19.50 Fr.
18.00 Fr.
18.00 Fr.
18.00 Fr.
24.00 Fr.

Bacon, ham, tomato, garlic, onion


Soup of the day
Green salad
Mixed salad
Colorful salad bowl
7.50 Fr.
9.50 Fr.
11.50 Fr.
17.50 Fr.

garnished with warm mushrooms, croutons and bacon

Classic beef tartare

served with butter and toast

19.50 Fr.
29.50 Fr.

Main courses

Pork cordon bleu

served with french fries and crisp

market vegetables

Vienna veal schnitzel

served with lukewarm potatoe salat

Breaded pork schnitzel

served with french fries

Pork steak with fried cheese

served with French fries

Fitness plate
29.50 Fr.
26.50 Fr.
29.50 Fr.
22.50 Fr.
Chicken breast

with a fine creamy mushroom sauce, French fries

and market vegetables

Chicken wings


Fish & Chips (Perch Knusperli)
23.50 Fr.

served with french fries and tartar sauce

For our little guests

Breaded pork schnitzel
14.50 Fr.

served with french fries

Chicken nuggets (4 pieces)
12.50 Fr.

served with french fries

Egli Knusperli
11.50 Fr.

served with french fries and tartar sauce

speciality of the House

On pre-order - 24 hours in advance!
Hearty pork knuckle

served with potato dumplings and homemade Bavarian cabbage

47.50 Fr.

Our staff will be happy to inform you about allergenic ingredients in our dishes.

VAT of 7.7% is included in our prices

Meat declaration : chicken, pork, beef, fish - Switzerland

If you have any questions about the exact origin, please ask our service staff.

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